Welcome! I am so glad you found me!

Hello there! I’m Maira, and I’m on the right in the banner photo above. The other two wonderful individuals are my sons, Erik (headphones) and Alan (at the helm). My husband is not pictured because he is behind the camera, which I remember not being too happy about at the moment, but I do appreciate this picture now! I also am a dog mom to a 2 and a 6-year-old Airedale Terriers, and one 22-year-old cockatiel who has been a family member since he was 3 months old.

My Approach

My practice is rooted in a genuine passion for helping individuals, couples, and families navigate the complexities of being human. I feel privileged and honored that previous patients have commented about my authentic nature and openness, which makes them feel understood. I like to emphasize open communication, respect, and an honest curiosity in building relationships with my patients. I understand that challenges brought to therapy are individually unique, just like the patients who bring them to treatment.

Though I work with individuals at every life stage, I have a keen understanding of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how trauma affects mental health and shows up in different aspects of life. I bring years of experience and a unique perspective to therapy from personal lived experiences, including being raised by a single parent, being a military spouse, separation and divorce, growing up in and then forming my own blended family, as well as being the parent of a child on the autism spectrum.

Multidisciplinary Background

I believe in the power of relationships, recognizing that our connections with family, friends, and community profoundly influence our individual experiences. As a culturally sensitive and biopsychosocial-attuned therapist, I tailor my approach to your unique needs, leveraging evidence-based practices such as Emotion-Focused, DBT, CBT, and TF-CBT.

I earned a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. During my dual practical internships at Strong Family Therapy Services and UR Pediatric Behavioral Health and Wellness, I honed skills in conducting evidence-based, biopsychosocial assessments and providing diagnoses and psychotherapy to individuals at all life stages, including couples and families. My Master’s project, “Adverse Childhood Experiences and Transgenerational Systems Theory,” underscores my dedication to exploring nuanced aspects of family dynamics and their impact on mental health. Before starting my MS degree, I earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Central Washington University, where my curiosity and need for a deeper understanding of the complexities of individuals and families began.

I am also working toward a Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy, concentrating on Child and Adolescent Assessment.

My dedication to my patients, the field, and my growth as a therapist are very important to me.


¡Hablo español! I am fluent in Spanish and dedicated to providing inclusive care to the Spanish-speaking community. There is something to be said about being understood in your language without misinterpretation or loss of nuances in translation! Just FYI, I am never above a session in Spanglish.

Let’s Embark on a Journey of Healing

Whether you’re navigating life transitions, relationship challenges, or seeking support for your child, I’m here to help. We’ll create a safe, collaborative space where your unique strengths shine.

Take the first step towards positive change – schedule a session with me today. I look forward to being part of your journey!